LYDIA GRAVANIS (1939-1998)

Born in Athens, Lydia Gravanis studied drama and worked as an actress for ten years.
She studied painting under Vrasidas Vlachopoulos for three years before attending the Athens School of Fine Arts from 1981 to 1986, where she studied painting under Moralis and Tetsis and engraving under Exarchopoulos.


JANUARY 1987 Skoufa Gallery, Athens (oils, acrylics, sketches)
SEPTEMBER 1987 Aegina Gallery (prints)
NOVEMBER 1988 F Gallery, Athens (oils, portraits)
APRIL 1992 Maria Papadopoulou Gallery, Athens (oils)
JULY 1994 Revera Gallery, Aegina (watercolors)
JANUARY 1996 Psychiko Municipality Cultural Center, Athens (retrospective)
MARCH 1999 House of Cyprus, Athens (retrospective)
OCTOBER 2011 Athinais Cultural Centre of Athens (retrospective),
under the title Darkness Visible. [Page Through] [Watch]


JULY 1986 Museum of Contemporary Art, Goulandris Foundation, Andros
DECEMBER 1986 Athens Municipality Cultural Center
JUNE 1988 National Gallery, Athens
JULY 1988 Soviet Artists Exhibition Hall, Moscow
AUGUST 1988 Marcellus Tower, Aegina
NOVEMBER 1988 The Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts, Nicosia
FEBRUARY 1989 Costume designs for Strindberg’s Dance of Death at the M. Rialdi Experimental Theater, Athens
APRIL 1989 Solidarity Exhibition for Armenia, Pierides Gallery, Athens
APRIL 1989 Women Artists, Zappeion Hall, Athens
APRIL 1989 Contemporary Greek Engraving, Piraeus Municipal Gallery
JULY 1989 Marcellus Tower, Aegina
FEBRUARY 1990 World Peace Council Exhibition, Athens Municipality Cultural Center
FEBRUARY 1990 A Valentine for Martha (Graham), Sotheby’s, New York
JUNE 1990 ELIA auction, Pierides Gallery, Athens
OCTOBER 1990 Costume designs for I. Kambanelis’s The Road is Crossing by at the M. Rialdi Experimental Theater, Athens
MARCH 1991 Images-Forms-Visions, Goethe Institut, Athens
MAY 1991 Contemporary Greek Engraving, National Bank of Greece Art Gallery, Thessaloniki
JUNE 1991 Markopoulos Municipality Cultural Center
JULY 1991 Marcellus Tower, Aegina
NOVEMBER 1991 Contemporary Greek Engraving, National Youth Foundation, Athens
NOVEMBER 1991 Mask designs for Lorca’s Blood Wedding at the M. Rialdi Experimental Theater, Athens
DECEMBER 1991 Greek Engraving, Bratislava
MAY-JUNE 1992 Mask designs for D. Kollatos’s Aristophanes
JULY-OCTOBER 1992 Biennale, Barcelona
OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 1992 Stage set designs at the Sunny Beach Resort, Chalkidiki
JULY 1993 Marcellus Tower, Aegina
DECEMBER 1993 Stage set designs for the M. Rialdi Experimental Theater, Athens
FEBRUARY 1994 Greek Engraving, Athens Municipality Cultural Center
MARCH 1994 1st Artistico, Athens Exhibition Center
AUGUST 1994 Marcellus Tower, Aegina
NOVEMBER 1994 Art Group, Thessaloniki
MARCH 1995 2nd Artistico, Athens Exhibition Center
JULY 1995 Marcellus Tower, Aegina
NOVEMBER 1995 3rd Artistico, Athens Exhibition Center
APRIL-MAY 1997 Palexpo Exhibition and Conference Center, Geneva
AUGUST 1997 Marcellus Tower, Aegina